Mokopuna sign art, carved of wood -

    Mokopuna sign art, carved of wood


    This laser-cut sign art is carved from durable wood for a lasting decoration. In te reo Māori, it translates to “grandchild/grandchildren”, makes it a perfect way to show off your love for your kids and grandkids. Celebrate your family with this beautiful and thoughtful sign art.

    We can make your item in a choice of color/material and sizes if you like

    Here's how we place sign art on the wall in our place! 



    • Small: 30cm*10cm
    • Medium: 40cm*14cm
    • Large: 58cm*20cm

    If you need to go really BIG please get in contact we can go 1.2 meters wide!


    We can also do custom wording for you if you like! Click Here

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    We at Trouble Maker company take pride in packaging our items in recycled cardboard and also supply a solid buffer to ensure everything arrives safe and secure.