Essential Worker medallion -
Essential Worker medallion -
Essential Worker medallion -
Essential Worker medallion -
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    Essential Worker medallion


    Made here with the sole intention of having a laugh with those you love that have been slogging it out there in the "Rona" real world! Whilst us flimsy non-essentials stay nice and cosy in our bubbles!


    So... the bragging rights committee (comprised of the trouble makers) has determined

    1 full decade of boasting to be allowed


    nonE's must sit there and smile and listen attentively whilst their EW's take center stage. Any eye rolling of a nonE listening to the same damn story for the last 5+ years must be conducted out of sight from your Medalion wearing hero or otherwise be frowned upon greatly.

    But hey! when 2030 hits it's time to move on bro! Can't keep the compliments up forever.


    These are made and designed in Tauranga by the TroubleMaker team. There are three options.

    1. Te Reo
    2. English
    3. And a custom version where I can change the writing that goes around the rockers of the Medal - this costs extra for design time.

    I encourage the wearer to try her/his luck in the post lockdown world. This may get you off a parking ticket (leave in the windsheild) Into a fancy club (with jandles)

    Or even two clips of your coffee card instead of one! Just flash this puppy in a nonchalant way and see what happens! 


    This awesomeness is made with no profit intention by us here, it is our little way to give back to those that deserve it.

    Shipping is included so that I believe is $1.50 per envelope! Leaving a half-buck to us lol. If you order more then one we will stuff them in together so there is that haha!