Doorway Guardian (Pare) -
Doorway Guardian (Pare) -
Doorway Guardian (Pare) -

    Doorway Guardian (Pare)

    $149.99 $179.99

     Guardian Doorway Decoration bringing a Maori touch to your home!

    This amazing doorway guardian décor is a modern design inspired by the beautiful culture of Maori.


    Guardian lintel (Pare) were traditionally installed above the front door of a meetinghouse belonging to someone of high tribal standing. In Maori belief this doorway display bought protection, guardianship and safety towards those who entered.



    What the hype is all about!

    Our delicately designed doorway guardian (pare) has a natural modern feature with decorated eyes of genuine paua shell. 

    • Beautiful piece to display on any door
    • Light weight and easy to attach on surfaces
    • %100 Sustainable ply wood  
    • Genuine paua shell Inlay


    Product Details

    Fitted for doors measured at 94cm - Contact us for requests on different sizes

    Height: 17cm

    Color: (pare) light Beige brown

              Paua shell: Ocean Blue