Copy/Personalized work

    pricing subject to change if you need more specialized work

    Welcome to the most important product we sell here at TroubleMaker

    In fact the reason we named our company troublemaker was a spin on getting together with like minded creatives and Making some "Trouble"

    Personalized work is our specialty, we delight in being able to provide exactly what you are after.


    We generally price by size and material to keep it affordable for you. However please get in contact prior if you are going to need some adjustments to your design and not just a standard cut out.

    Please use the Chaty Icon on the bottom left of this page that looks like this

    General Sizing:

    If there's a need to go SUPER BIG then we can go up to 1.3 meters if you need.

    We have a large

    set of different set of materials and color:

    MDF, recycled wood.

    Black painted.

    Plywood eco-marine




    MDF, recycled wood 3mm, 4mm and 6mm

    Plywood, eco-marine

    Wood painted black

    Acrylic Blue, Red, 

    If you require something a bit more advanced, bigger or personalized please contact us via the Chaty Icon on the bottom left of this page that looks like the below before you go ahead and make a purchase.

    We can make help you create stand out business signage for you too. click here

    We can work with artists to help them make awesome pieces click here