Is there a limit to the number of or products?

No. As many products and pages as we can setup for you!

Are there any set up charges?

Yes you only have to purchase the first product as a sample.

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How much do I make for each item sold?

We give you an automatic 10% discount on the retail prices you see on our website. You can set your selling price to be whatever you like. The difference between these two is your profit, which is paid automatically every month to your Paypal account.

Can I offer discounts?

On our end no, we are already providing the wholesale discount for you to help with your sales which is already 10% discounted.
On your end you may reduce the price of items when you like to qualify for the 'on sale' badge within the website

Do I need a business or personal Paypal account?

Only a personal one is needed as you will only be receiving one commission payment per month, directly from our Paypal account. You can sign up for free here.

Can you just pay into my bank account instead?

Apologies no we are too lazy to process manual transactions.

Is anything "TroubleMaker" branded sent to my customers?

On the product - no, we might include a business card or label the packaging. Please mention if you do not want us to include anything TroubleMaker related

Do I have to answer any customer questions?

Any questions from customers on their orders come to us, so we answer them on your behalf. We encourage the use of contact details of your choosing on your product pages. This way customers may follow you and/or inquire about commission work

What if I already have my own website?

Our site platform is Shopify so you may be able to embed it on your existing website. We do not set this up or you. You will need to get in contact with your platform provider to set this up.

The URL that we will setup for you would be along the lines of product name

If you already have a shop on your website and you don't want a separate shop page, you can take pictures or screenshots of your products and load them on your website then customers purchase through your site.

You can then either order manually through us and we can either ship to you or direct to your customer.

How are my designs protected?

There is an option to watermark your designs if you want to. On the website only low resolution images are displayed. The high resolution files are only available to our team for making